Oct. 2017
Here's a new ETBlight version full of bug-fixes, crazy additions, improved models and much more.

Download etblight_1.1.9_r107_with_lua.zip


Download omnibots here




ETBlight is a modification for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in the veins of ETPub, Jaymod, NQ, HQ, Baconmod, Extra Cheese, etc.

ETBlight is free, as in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory-free, software for server admins running Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

ETBlight is built on ETPub 0.9.1.
Get the original mod made by people who know what they are doing, here: http://etpub.org/



-it does not yet have an automatic GUID/etkey system.
Use newest ETpub 1.0.0 if GUIDs are important, instead of ETBlight. ETpub will generate an actual etkey in /etmain folder for connecting newbs that don't know any better.

-it does currently not have Mac-support.



-built on etpub 9.0.1

-2 new classes, the Scientist & the Super Soldier

-12+ ETBlight Weapons
ETBlight weapons aim at never overpowering their stock counterparts. If an SMG shoots faster than the thompson/mp40, then it is always countered by
other factors such as precision, damage per bullet, bullet-capacity, overheating, etc. All the weapons are however highly configurable incl. individual headshot damage for
most weapons.

-Omnibots are fully compatible.
able to use ETBlight weapons, bot Scientists & Super Soldiers have goals, bots won't shoot at invisible players (download newest omnibots here).