so I'm a scientist. What do I do?


I'm a Scientist. What do I do?

scientist The Grand Tripmines-guy
By default, the Scientist, me, is the only Class that will always have access to Tripmines, in the same way as Engineers/Landmines. Other Classes can have Tripmines too, but this has to be set up first by the server admin, with g_blightWeapons.
As a Scientist I'm vastly superior when it comes to dealing with Tripmines. I can disarm Tripmines at much greater speed than the Engineer (Even faster with g_scientists 2). In the current 1.1.9 version, I also have access to "Sci-Juice" (modified Adrenaline needle Weapon) that makes me invulnerable to Tripmines for a few seconds - so I can quickly sabotage a heavily "Tripmined" doorway/exit/objective. Gameplay-wise, if your server allows a lot of Tripmines, it can sometimes pay off to let me sacrifice myself by clearing a location with a lot of Tripmines (by running into them, like players often do on servers with a lot of ambush-style Landmines).
A high level Scientist is the only Class that consumes less than 100% charge when setting up a Tripmine. Other Classes will have to wait longer, and at the expense of their native abilities.

scientist Alternative CvOps
Lvl 5 Scientists can have access to Satchel Charges (configurable with g_rewardScientists).
Armed with Satchels, I can be a fun alternative to the Covert Ops. Blow up the Assault Ramp on Battery while planting Tripmines, repairing/reviving Super Soldiers and retaliate with my primary weapon, the Silenced Scoped MP40 [MP40 SS].

scientistSupport the Super Soldier
I am always able to "repair" Super Soldiers with the Screwdriver tool, up to 70% health.

A Scientist is repairing a damaged Super Soldier:

It's also possible to revive Super Soldiers with the Screwdriver tool, if enabled by the server ( with g_blight 128). A Scientist  scientist revive sprite -sprite will then appear at "broken" Super Soldiers if playing as a Scientist. With this setting on, the Scientist can be an invaluable mechanic for the Super Soldiers, very much like a Medic can for any Class.

A Super Soldier is down:
scientist trying to revive a super soldier